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Special Offers of the Month

There is always something happening at this most sociable venue on the riverbank, with offers, events, promotions, special menus, lively drinks, and always the best and newest in music.
Pete's Pure Signature Wine

Grand Wine Night Vol. 2

🍷✨Unveiling a variety of exclusive international wines from 70 different labels for 2 hours, each carefully selected for your discerning taste at the Grand Wine Night Vol.2, an event that promises to awaken your senses and expand your palate.
Valentine's Promotion

Sail into Romance throughout February

Set sail on a romantic journey amidst the breathtaking Chao Phraya River Views, where every moment is designed to captivate your heart.

Riverside Rendez-vous

Discover the allure of the Chao Phraya River every Saturday, as it whispers the cultural tales of Paris, Roma, London and Seville.

SYC Sundowner

Enjoy a sundowner special with choices of selected beverages on your choice from 5 pm to 8 pm everyday.
DJ Plernpleng

Good Vibe Line Up

Enjoy our live music and DJ set at Siam Yacht Club throughout January to March 2024.